Update: Judge Joe Brown Court {AUDIO} That Led To His Arrest and ordered to spend 5 days in jail (VIDEO}

Judge Joe Brown Arrested After Melt Down In Court. Cited for contempt 5 times and ultimately ordered to spend 5 days in jail (Video




  • Brown, 66, was thrown in jail for 5 days but has since been freed after a Memphis juvenile court judge held him in contempt
  • Brown is running for Shelby County District Attorney
  • His show was canceled last year after taping over 500 episodes and he was in the courtroom representing a client


Courtroom riot: TV's Judge Joe Brown was tossed in jail Monday for inciting the crowd in a Memphis juvenile courtroom

Courtroom riot: TV’s Judge Joe Brown was tossed in jail Monday for inciting the crowd in a Memphis juvenile courtroom




Former TV judge Joe Brown was dragged from a Memphis juvenile court hearing on Monday after the presiding magistrate found him in contempt for inciting the courtroom crowd.


Brown reportedly worked the courtroom into a froth as he questioned the authority of the magistrate while he was there representing a client in a child support case.


‘He all but had that courtroom in a riot,’ said Juvenile Court Chief Magistrate Dan Michael.


According to WREG, the fight was sparked after Brown was told there was no record of the case he was there to plead.


In audio taken during the heated exchange, Brown becomes progressively angrier as the magistrate schedules a court date in April for his client.


‘He then began a diatribe against Mr. Horne and the authority of the court,’ Michael said.


‘You want to get in to this, let’s get into this, this sorry operation needs to stop!’ Brown yells at the magistrate in audio taken from the scene.


Horne had Brown removed and gave him a day in jail, but Brown began to scream ever louder as he was dragged away and it won him four more days.


Brown repeatedly berates the magistrate and insists he lacks the authority to send him to jail.


‘Ten dollars, that’s all you got,’ the audibly shaken former TV star tells the magistrate. ‘I looked it up!’


Scroll down to hear audio from the outburst…


Campaigning: Brown's syndicated show was canceled last year after taping hundreds of episodes. He's now running for Shelby County District Attorney


The shocking outburst has some wondering if Brown’s behavior has something to do with an old grudge from his days as a Shelby County Criminal Court judge or possibly his run for office.


Brown is currently running for Shelby County District Attorney after his show was canceled last year.


On the theory about bad blood from his days on the bench, Juvenile Court Judge Curtis Person says Brown was not targeted.


‘We will not allow anyone to act contemptuous towards this court. He’s just like everybody else.,’ he said.


But asked about the possibility that it was all a stunt to win votes, Chief Magistrate Michael said only:


‘Within five minutes there were three or four different attorneys down here seeking to represent him. You can draw whatever conclusion you want to draw.’


Brown has since been released on his own recognizance, though a request for bail was previously denied


Released: Brown was given five days but was released after just hours on Monday evening

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